Jul 17, 2018
Say Goodbye to PNR Login

The SAM (SeatAssignMate) team recently spent some time in Europe, to help deliver a winning formula to one of our clients, with one goal in mind: to make travelers engage more online (select seats) and increase online check-in.


Compared to industry average, the airline is already doing a decent job of converting approximately 30% of users to assign their seats online. However, depending on the country and language, the number may vary and dip to as low as 14%, which is a reflection of airlines’ struggle to further boost check-in goal completion.

Analyzing each step of a passenger’s user experience leading towards the online check-in process, helped define the pain point and the real cause of a high drop off rate and low conversions. Below are some of the main reasons explained. 1. PNR centric VS Traveler centric (e-commerce driven) The process involves copy pasting PNR/E-ticket numbers from Email, open up different web-pages or apps, agree on some terms and conditions, select the flight and passenger, before you can even access the seat map page.
2. Fragmented user behavior VS All-in-one solution Different passenger demographics (from different countries with different languages) have their preferred device and communication channel when it comes to accessing airline content and checking into their flight. The fact is, when there is a lengthy, manual-input and counterintuitive process… tasks will not be completed. 3. Apps download VS Lazy customers For most non-frequent flyers and unmanaged travelers, downloading and installing a specific airline app is a no-no. Equipped with these analyses, we crafted an interactive email that carries all real-time, personalized check-in components, such as interactive seat maps (according to email open time and booking class), boarding pass module with pre-filled info and displaying preferred language. The ultimate “one-click” style experience for travelers to assign/upgrade their seat, purchase any ancillary services or check into their flight.
SeatAssignMate’s “Interactive Flight Check-in Email” was launched to a selected audience. After testing, the performance reports were very positive and boasted outstanding results, which matched our assumptions from a user experience and conversion standpoint… to an ancillary upsell perspective. Seat selection and online check-in doubled Online seat selection and check-in ration doubled and improved to 55% compared to current 30%
Check-in session time reduced by 71% Customers are able to seamlessly choose seats and fetch their QR boarding pass in 100 seconds.
A check-in app built into the consumer’s email (without the use of download) To provide a more engaging and seamless digital experience

SeatAssignMate’s “Post-ticketing Ancillary Merchandising Email” is an evolution and extension of today’s web/mobile based capability into email channel. Never before has airline content been so accessible to travelers in such a seamless way. This is just the beginning of what SAM’s interactive email can do for the industry.

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