May 31, 2018
NDC Partnership

The SeatAssignMate team shared a very proud moment at the IATA Geneva HQ recently, after being awarded “The Best Ancillary Upsell Solution”.


Meaningful conversations were stemmed from this event. IATA CEO, Alexandre de Juniac was intrigued by how a legacy email could revitalize airline ancillary distribution when SeatAssignMate’s patented interactive and dynamic layer was introduced.

The conversation has eventually lead to a partnership with NDC (New Distribution Capability). Houman Goudarzi (Innovation, Tech Manager at IATA) says: “Serving as IATA’s lead in digital transformation, my eyes are always open for innovative technology solutions that solve real airline industry pain points. An Interactive and Dynamic Merchandising Email is an industry first for me. A re-invention of a channel we all use every day (email), makes us question the capabilities and opportunities it can bring to the travel industry. Having seat assignment and check-in functionalities built into an email is a game changer for airlines, posing many benefits that today’s tools/channels cannot penetrate.”

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