Mar 23, 2019
A breakthrough step with Google RCS Messaging

All these years, we have tried our best to bring interactive experience and rich content to emails. Why? Because with the most active user base, emails are considered as one of the widely-used modern day communication channels.


But, if we sneak into our past, SMS Messaging was where it all started. ‘Text’ messages changed the way we used to communicate. However, as we moved towards an era of the internet, SMS got outdated. These days, even with the billions of SMS messages sent every day, there is still a limitation to the interactivity and rich content it can deliver.


So… What’s the news then?


Bringing interactivity to the classic SMS service is what we are up to these days.


SeatAssignMate has partnered with Google’s program for Rich Communication Services (RCS) Business Messaging to bring customers an interactive experience through SMS. RCS messaging allows companies to have better conversations with customers through interactive messages with the use of a richer interface and engaging features (as you would get from any website).


During Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona, we were invited by Google to demo our airline RCS solution to the audience. Our POC demonstrated how just by using Android’s native SMS messaging app, the passenger would be able to assign a seat, check in a flight and make a payment for any seat upgrades. Isn’t it awesome?!

This development gives us a whole different approach to see our future. Our product is not just for the airline industry, the technology we are building together has a potential to expand far beyond to numerous verticals. From transportation, e-commerce, package tracking to events and ticketing, we are excited to see SMS messages coming to an interactive life through Google RCS messaging platform and even more excited to get our hands dirty with it.

If you are a brand/company who labels themselves innovative and would be open to implement such solution, please feel free to reach out for a chat.

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