The airline industry has been our launch pad and it's been an impactful journey so far for airline customers and their passengers.

How we help airlines

Pain point

Ancillary purchases

Check-in / QR Code

Passengers have the ability to upgrade seats, book meals and extra baggage without leaving their email.

We provide a mini-check-in app in the email, transforming an often clumsy, inconvenient process to a simple one-click solution.

Added convenience with a more seamless booking experience

Satisfied passengers,

Satisfied airline clients

Our solution put add-ons right at the customers fingertips, with WiFi, travel insurance, hotel booking and car rental, just a click away.

Our industry partners report an improvement in email engagement time, click-through rate and sales conversions.

What have we done for our airline partners

Showcasing real-time content (such as seat availability and pricing) directly in the passenger’s email, enables them to immediately and conveniently access important/relevant information to help them make early decisions.








Sales Conversion

Email Engagement Time

Click Through Rate

This next generation booking experience has helped airlines increase their sales conversion by over 40%

Passengers are engaging with the email content for much longer

The real-time content brings more insight to the passenger, meanwhile the interactive content allows for an immediate call to action


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